A good technical solution starts with technical knowledge and experience. We strive to translate this knowledge and experience into the preparation and execution of pipeline projects.

Barcelona Engineering is passionate, realistic, flexible and innovative.

Pipeline and Cable Engineering

  • Technical design
  • Stress calculation
  • Finite element analyses
  • Hydraulic analyses
  • Heat loss calculation
  • Electrical coupling analyses

Advice and consultancy

  • Layout studies
  • Cost estimation
  • Consulting services

Civil Geotechnical Engineering

Advies op het raakvlak van risico’s, uitvoerbaarheid en duurzame oplossingen.

  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Sheet piles calculation
  • Slope instability calculation
  • Settlements calculation
  • Pole load bearing capacity calculation
  • Retaining walls design
  • Pipeline supports design

Society of Engineers

Barcelona Engineering is part of a network of engineers. Together we form Universal Pipeline Association.

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